Treating Customers Shabbily?

Campaigning for a greater awareness of Consumer Rights


We are committed to uncovering poor customer service practices and the shabby contractual treatment of consumers. Our team of volunteer investigators are drawn from a wide range of demographics and are trained to impartially assess the standard set by Online and High Street Retailers in dealing fairly and honestly with their customers. Our reports are collated, independently assessed and shared with Trading Standards, The Office of Fair Trading and a number of national Ombudsman.


We support a number of campaigners who are attempting to influence large companies to treat their customers fairly.

We provide technical expertise and web hosting facilities to those campaigners who wish to use the internet and social media to raise awareness of poor customer service and consumer law related issues.

We are able to provide media liaison points on a wide range of topics from Financial Retail products to White Goods manufacturers.

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The Centre for Excellence in Customer Service is a non-profit making organisation created by a group of Marketing, Public Relations and Corporate Relations professionals